Graphic Design apprentice celebrates year at Bex Design

After working at Bex Design for a year, apprentice Imogen Lux is setting her sights on a career in graphic design and print.

“I’m happy I’ve been able to learn everything I have here over this past year, especially at such a young age. What I learnt at school and college is small scale compared to the design work I do here” says Imogen.

Since starting her apprenticeship in July 2015, Imogen has taken on graphic design projects involving drawing up proofs, screen printing and making customer drawings print ready.

She has been able to experience what working in a fast paced environment is like and having to manage work deadlines. Imogen can now comfortably communicate with clients and the team in a professional manner, whether that be via email or telephone.

Grasping the role

Imogen, who studied Graphic Design throughout school and college, says: “It was a difficult role to take on at first, there was a lot to learn.

“I was new to the software that Bex use, like Illustrator, and I had never used design suites on Apple Macs before, so learning the shortcuts on these took some time. However, using the software programs is second nature now and I have the confidence to do a lot of my daily tasks on my own.”

Imogen had guidance from Graphic Designer, Steve Murphy, throughout her apprenticeship. He says: “Imogen’s doing extremely well. It’s a hard job to grasp as it involves more than just staying in the design suite all day, you have to communicate with the workshop too.

“There was a lot of new information to pick up at the start but she’s comfortable working on her own now.”

Congratulations Imogen, we hope you continue to do well in your studies and the work you produce with us here at Bex Design.

We are currently looking for another apprentice to join us as a printer and finishing technician. To apply for the role, please email your CV to