Bex Design & Print smashes targets as 2017 comes to a close

It’s not time to pull the New Year party poppers just yet, but with growth currently at 6%, we can confidently say that 2017 will have been the best year for Bex since we began trading 30 years ago.

As an ambitious business, we have a continuous improvement culture and are driven by a number of challenging but achievable targets. Clearly these targets are set up to meet our clients’ own stringent requirements, but we do like to exceed expectations at Bex and as a result, we are good at retaining valuable business and winning new contracts.

This year we’ve benefited from some significant contract wins. Recently, we won our largest ever technical print client, who whittled down their five incumbent suppliers to just one – Bex. We are very proud to be their new Category A supplier.

So what are our key targets and how have we performed against them?

1: Parts Per Million (PPM) rejects
Our parts per million reject target was set at 0.5% this year. We have beaten this with an incredible average of 0.29%.

2: Delivery On Time (DOT)
Our Delivery-on-time target was set at 98% for 2017. Again, we have gone way over this target with an average 99.77% of deliveries arriving on time!

3. Production Capacity
We have seen an impressive 6% increase in our turnover over the past year, without increasing our staff levels. This has reinforced our goal of increasing efficiency through considered investment in screen and finishing equipment.

4. International Export
We have also exported more products than ever before, with thousands of products safely reaching destinations across Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the US and Canada.

There are 4 key contributors to achieving these goals:

1. People

Our staff are the greatest contributors to the overall performance of the company.

Clients regularly feed back on the exceptional competency of our team and the quality of service they receive. From management staff to our highly skilled print, finishing and assembly teams, we are all of one common mindset – we will go the extra mile for our customers to deliver quality products and value for money.

One of our team’s key strengths is their proactivity at sorting out problems (that’s if they haven’t been spotted before they arise). Our factory floor is a busy place; staff and management of all levels are encouraged to monitor, get involved and take an interest in everything we produce. This ensures that any product will have had several sets of critical eyes on it at different stages before it leaves our facility. This hands-on approach is what keeps the number of rejects down to a minimum.

Developing and maintaining our skills matrix is an integral part of Bex Design’s continuous improvement culture. We are strong at identifying any skills gaps and making sure the necessary training is accessible to keep us ahead of the game. As new technology is introduced and the complexity of jobs we receive increases, our staff embrace these new challenges and meet them head on.

2. Technology

A key aspect of our continuous improvement culture is our ongoing quest to invest in the latest technology and machinery, with the aim of reducing lead-times and improving quality yet further.

This year, we’ve installed:

April: Sakurai Maestro fully automatic screen printing press and Natgraph UV Combination Dryer. These machines work in combination to produce high-quality print at exceptional speeds, increasing production output through the factory. Read more.

July: Mimaki CJV 150-160 large format printer. This printer has incredible colour accuracy, precision and speed. A staggering 95% of Pantone colours can be accurately reproduced. Read more.

August: Jetrix KX6 large format flatbed digital printer. The KX6 is a high speed, robust flatbed printer that features edge-to-edge printing and ensures maximum productivity. Read more.

Looking forward to 2018, we will be adding to our expanding finishing department with the acquisition of a Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutting/engraving machine. The Trotec machine offers laser engraving, laser cutting and laser etching. Cut, engrave and mark wood, paper, metal, acrylic, leather, stone, plastics and many more materials with ease. Read more.

3. Structure & flow

Our very methodical way of working follows a tried & tested lean manufacturing flow system that we have been running for a number of years. However, our structure is flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and to new cutting-edge technologies.

A lot of consideration goes into our structure and we constantly question how things might be improved to increase speed & efficiency and reduce waste.

As a result of our commitment to quality and through continuous improvement of our methods and processes we are proud to have achieved ISO9001:2015 (renewed Dec 2017) and gained UL certification for producing labels.

This in turn gives weight to the successful international export side of the business, with these standards being recognised worldwide as a badge of quality and reliability.

4. Visits

We very much agree that “seeing is believing” and always welcome customers to visit our facility in the South West of England. Of those that visit our facilities and see Bex in action, nearly all will become customers. Our top ten clients will also regularly send inspectors to visit for auditing purposes and they are very well received.

So if you’d like to come and see Bex for yourself, please get in touch!

All in all, our 30th year has been a great one and we’re grateful to everyone – staff, clients and suppliers – who’ve helped us to achieve this. We look forward to seeing in 2018, continuing to exceed clients expectations and reporting on another successful year in 12 months’ time.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone.