Brexit Statement

In preparation for Brexit which is scheduled to take place on October 31st 2019, Bex Design would like to issue the following statement:

We have been in contact with all our suppliers of raw materials to understand what risk assessments they have undertaken with regards to Brexit, and to seek assurances that the supply of raw materials will not affect our ability to meet the requirements of our customers.

As the outcome of Brexit is still unknown, many suppliers are seeking their own assurances from their overseas supply-chain to ensure the continuation of supply. Although there are likely to be delays caused by export/import processes, many suppliers have contingency plans in place including stock-piling product, and are positive that they will continue to be able to support Bex over this inevitably difficult time. That said, many of Bex’s suppliers are UK based and the general feedback is positive, confirming that there will be little or no interruption to the supply.

Bex Design manufacture all products onsite in Calne, Wiltshire (UK). Despite the assurances from our suppliers, the possibility of delays remains a concern, so we are in the process of stock-piling raw product so that we feel confident in our ability to meet our valued customers’ requirements.

We would ask that you please consider your requirements and lead-times over this period to ensure Bex can support your company with your supply.