New graphics in production for F&T Vending

Bex Design commissioned to design and print new graphic overlays portraying F&T Vending’s new look

Key points:

> Over 180 new graphics printed
> 9 different graphics designed & drawn up
> Printed onto a range of different materials
> Completed in a 3 month time scale


With the help of Bex Design, Falkingham and Taylor (F&T) Vending have undergone a major rebrand to break away from the conservative image sometimes associated with the vending machine industry.


“We wanted to portray something that isn’t your run-of-the-mill design usually associated with the vending machine industry” says the Head of Operations at F&T Vending. “Our machines should look fun and refreshing and really help to sell the item inside. Most vending machines you see are typically unbranded and don’t give off a lasting impression.”

The rebrand was a big task and involved changing everything that F&T Vending had put their stamp on, including their website, office spaces and most importantly, their vending machines.

The brief:

Having worked together previously, F&T Vending contacted Bex Design, proposing they help with the re-styling of their vending machines to convey the brand’s new image. This would include the design and production of graphic overlays to be fitted to all new vending machines, and also some overlays for machines already in use.

“The previous graphics they designed for us, which were for the Clipper Race held at Hull Marina, looked highly professional and the outcome was very impressive”, said F&T, “It was only right that we worked with them again.”

Bex Design’s Graphic Designer, Dave Brown, commented, “Working with F&T Vending previously meant we had built up a solid relationship with them. They have a great deal of trust in us as a design and printing business and we hoped to reenact the great job we did for them previously.”

The approach:

F&T Vending gave Bex Design free rein to design graphic overlays that would showcase their new creative slogans: ‘time for coffee’ and ‘time to refresh’. All graphics would include the image of a woman holding a clock and cup to emphasise the concept of break time.


As the company provides for all business sectors, F&T Vending realised that not all the coffee machines should provide the same type of coffee: “We often find that those working in factories or in faster-paced environments want instant coffee – it’s quicker to make and pretty much ready to drink, whereas coffee machines in locations associated with a more leisurely pace will more likely be our freshly brewed ‘bean to cup’ machines. They take slightly longer to make but are of higher quality.”

With this understanding, it meant that more graphics had to be designed. “This is a competitive industry and in order to get vending machines into particular business sectors you really need to stand out. We didn’t blink at this requirement,” comments Dave Brown. “The designs we produced attractively conveyed what the different machines vend, adding to the consumer experience. The graphics also have great standout compared with other vending machines you generally come across.”

The results:

The graphics were printed onto a range of different materials, depending on the type of application. “Some of the coffee machine graphics were front printed onto a gloss white PVC while others were reverse printed onto an MR PVC. It was all dependent on the coffee machine design,” explained Dave. “But we made sure all of our graphics included the company’s new slogan ‘time for coffee’ and we also produced the acrylic panels which would hold the graphics in place.”

He added: “The snack, food and cold drinks graphics were reverse printed onto a gloss clear PVC, whilst the control panels were reverse printed onto a 3mm hard-coat Polycarbonate.”

F&T Vending Machines Visual

With environmental impact in mind and many vending machines to cover, for one of the coffee vending machines, Bex incorporated the menus into the graphic design so that separate drink selection decals were not required. This reduced the amount of printing required, time, cost and impact on the environment.

All of the graphics designed and produced for F&T Vending were produced on Bex Designs’ JETRIX LX5 and 2513 flatbed digital print machines and the project was completed in 3 months. “The experience and knowledge Bex have meant they were the perfect partner for this project. We gave them a remit and they came back to us with designs that were near perfect” said F&T.

“A couple of alternations were made to fit the brand spec, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s great that they have such a fast turnaround, especially as there were quite a few designs to draw up. We are incredibly happy to work in partnership with them.”

About F&T Vending:

F&T Vending Ltd. is a family run business founded in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, in 1963. The company produces and supplies vending equipment to customers in all business sectors whether that be industrial, manufacturing, leisure, or education.

They work in partnership with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of vending supplies including: Walkers, Kenco, Nestle, PG Tips, and Pepsi.

F&T Vending also produce their own branded supplies of hot drink ingredients and disposables – all made of organic ingredients and Fairtrade certified. Available to buy with their vending machines are their DuBray Classic and DuBray Deluxe whole roasted coffee beans, which have been Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Take a look at their website: for more information.