Good value print for sports clubs

At Bex Design we’re keen to support sports clubs and can deliver high quality print at a great price.

Chippenham Town FC are a new client that approached us earlier in the season, having previously used an FA approved supplier to produce their boards. It turns out that we are considerably cheaper on boards than our FA approved counterparts!

Keeping costs down

Hoardings & boards can be formidably expensive for sports clubs who rely mostly on sponsorship money to keep going. We understand the importance of keeping costs to a minimum so there is more of this money left in the pot for other things.

At Bex, we offer a wide array of materials for both indoor and outdoor use. Our low design rates and streamlined production processes enable the clubs to get a superb quality product, but for substantially less money.

We print on a wide array of materials of any thickness, but generally print this type of signage on either:
Foamex – a lightweight PVC foam sheet that is more flexible and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Dibond – a lightweight but more durable composite material with a plastic core and aluminium film on both sides, used for longer term signage

Our modern print technology allows us to print quickly and we are able to deliver most jobs on a 24hr turnaround, at no extra cost.

All under one roof

We design and print everything under one roof, so the client has one single point of contact to keep them posted on the progress of their job. This dedicated Account Manager will make sure the material used is to the right spec and that the customers boards are delivered on time.

“Chippenham Town FC were astounded at how much better value for money we were than their previous, FA-approved supplier. They were delighted with the signs we designed and printed for them and we’re looking forward to helping them out again next season.” said Bex Sales Manager, Mike Hennessy.

The full package

Aside from perimeter hoardings and boards, we can offer a full range of material ensuring the club’s brand and their sponsors’ brands are displayed consistently at every customer touch point. Again, we can offer good value design & print versus other FA approved suppliers on all of these materials:

> Building signage
> Health & safety signage
> Directional & car park signage
> Promotional Banners
> Programmes
> Menus & price lists
> Window graphics

Mike commented, “As a sports fan myself, I understand the pressure that these clubs are under to deliver quality advertising for their sponsors but at the same time, retaining as much budget as they can to put back into the club. It frustrates me that some of the more default suppliers are taking advantage of the clubs.”

If you require any print for your sports club, please get in touch.