JETRIX LX5 brings texture to inkjet printing

It could be argued that the evolution of inkjet printing has shifted again with the arrival of LED printers into the wide format arena. No warm-up time, no heat generated and ultimately with the JETRIX LX5, up to 35% less energy consumption compared to a mercury lamp printer!

As a result, an even wider range of rigid media can be printed on without the risk of melting or curling and an array of different printing techniques have been introduced which help to bring a new edge to standard flat colour printing.

New Production Approach

This is one area where the JETRIX LX5 excels, delivering texture through printing and adding a new and novel production approach. The raised contours of the print create appealing layers, just begging to be touched. So, how is the JETRIX LX5 delivering this?

A critical element of the process is down to the software. By selecting the 3D Texture Printing function the JETRIX LX5 is able to adjust its print passes, gradually raising the print head in increments. The number of layers of texture to apply can be chosen – 2, 3, 4 or 5 layers with CMYK bottom and top, or alternatively to boost colour density add a white layer, plus 4 other layers to add even more intensity to the output.

The effect can be achieved with any image; however, the best results are accomplished with artwork showing distinct colour contrast, such as the peacock feathers image shown above. In addition, artworks don’t even have to be prepared any differently to how they would be normally.

Achieve Impressive Results

Equally capable of achieved impressive results on Foamex, acrylic, glass or any other rigid media this technique offers some interesting application opportunities, including bespoke pieces, fine art, premium signage and specialist wall coverings. Why not get in touch via the contact form and see how Bex Design and the Jetrix LX5 can help add impact to your business.