Rising To The 2020 Challenge

As we venture into mid Autumn, we wanted to look back on the challenges, highlights, and developments the last few months have brought. 

We’d all agree that, so far, it’s been a year unlike any other! However, we are delighted to report that we have weathered the challenges that faced us and have come out the other side with a very healthy outlook.

Here’s a rundown of the year to date.

A Positive Start

From January through to March, we saw business increase month on month – just as we had throughout 2019. 

After this very healthy start, the global pandemic hit our shores and as with many businesses, from the end of April through to July, our order books went very quiet – but not for long.

Facing New Challenges

Bex has never been known to rest on its laurels. Despite the massive challenges posed by the pandemic, we approached the new climate with a positive and proactive mindset. 

Following Government guidelines, we immediately ensured that our facilities met the safety criteria outlined; we introduced social distancing protocols throughout the factory and offices to ensure our staff felt secure, encouraged working from home wherever possible and introduced a split shift pattern.

During this period we responded to increased orders from our existing customers from both the medical and fire sectors, producing overlays and membrane keypanels urgently required for equipment being produced for the NHS and Nightingale Hospitals. Our vast experience was also called upon for the development of printed overlays for ventilators from a company more used to producing underwater breathing apparatus.

Material Shortages

During the height of the pandemic, we experienced a significant shortage of some materials, due to a spike in orders. Polycarbonate and acrylic materials that we use on a daily basis sold out rapidly as manufacturers rushed to make protective screens for offices, hospitals, shops, and more.

Thankfully, we are pleased to report that supplies of these materials are now coming back into stock at our suppliers and we are able to resume production at near pre-pandemic levels. 

New Business Development

Business development has been a primary focus for us this year and we have won significant new orders from companies looking to relocate their business from China, the Far East and the US to the UK: our levels of reliability, service and quality made us a natural choice.

Our final business quarter is already reflecting this, with September and October seeing record-breaking results. As a result of the upturn in business, we were thrilled to be able to bring back furloughed staff much sooner than expected. 

We can only hope that business will continue to improve as trading returns to a new normal and we all acclimatise to different working practices.

Our Amazing People 

We can’t look back on the last seven months without saying a huge “Thank you” to our incredible staff. 

Thanks to our team’s dedication and effort, we have seen our business quickly return to a period of steady growth and deliver the exceptional standard of service clients know us for – even during the most trying of times.