Solar panels set to reduce costs and our environmental impact

Since April 2014 Bex Design have been generating electricity from solar panels fitted to the roof of our factory. This has helped to significantly reduce our electricity costs and reduce our impact on the environment


With the price of energy rising sharply, the decision was made to utilise our roof space and install Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Local company IDDEA, from Devizes, were commissioned to install the units and the infrastructure needed to take full advantage of the benefits to be gained from harnessing the suns energy.

To date, we are seeing excellent returns from the energy generated by the panels, clocking up over 51,500 kW of useable electricity! This has been used to power our needs and is also helping to support the UK Governments commitment to providing 15% of the UK’s energy demand from renewable sources by 2020.

With panels that are guaranteed for 25 years, you can be sure that Bex Design will be leading the way in energy conservation for many years to come.