Super fast, high quality, efficient screen printing is here!

Bex Design is delighted to announce the installation of new cutting-edge screen printing technology

Our newly installed screen printing press and dryer will deliver greater than ever speed and capacity, resulting in fast turnarounds at lower prices with no compromise on quality. To top it all off, this technology is as energy efficient as it gets, benefitting both the environment and your company carbon footprint.

The new print line consists of:
> Sakurai high precision flat bed screen printing press
> Natgraph tunnel dryer with electronic UV system

The printer: Sakurai MAESTRO MF-80 VII

The Sakurai Maestro is a high precision flat bed fully automatic screen printing press which has an astonishing print run rate. It is perfect for large scale, high-end industrial printing applications.

Key benefit: improved speed & capacity

> The unit will increase our capacity and reduce lead time, especially on repeat orders. This in turn will keep us competitive with Europe and China.

> The prints per hour rate will increase our current machine rate from 300 to 900 prints per hour.

> The CCD camera sheet alignment will reduce the time for each set up by 5 mins per colour

The dryer: Natgraph Air Force UV Combination Dryer

The Natgraph is a UV combination tunnel dryer which has the ability to dry both solvent based inks and UV curing inks in the same unit in record time. It comes complete with a built-in electronic intelligent system which senses when the machine is idle or when in full production mode and adapts its energy usage accordingly, dropping the power level to 25% standby when there’s no sheet.

Key benefits:

Energy efficient – In addition to the energy saving intelligence embedded in this machine, we have opted for optional extras such as a heat exchanger which will pump and recirculate air back into the system saving yet more energy.

Cost – There is an average reduction of 40% on running costs compared to existing technologies. The energy efficiency of the dryer keeps the operating costs low.

Speed – We will also save on secondary drying. Currently we stove our membranes circuits in an oven for 30 mins, but the infa-red part of the Natgraph dryer will remove this process and speed up production.

We are proud to be supporting British industry with this purchase – Natgraph is a UK manufacturer with all parts made in Britain.

View further technical details for the Natgraph Air Force UV Combination dryer.