Welcome Our New Graphic Design Apprentice

We would like to introduce and extend a warm welcome to Eleanor, our new Graphic Design Apprentice who joined us late last year and is doing a fantastic job at learning the ropes.

Early on, Eleanor found she had a passion for graphic design and chose the subject for GCSE. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available at ‘A’ Level, but she successfully took on Art, DT Product Design and English and topped this off this with a work experience stint in a printing & design factory. This experience reaffirmed her interest in graphic design as a career and so she was delighted with her successful application for the role of apprentice at Bex.

Our apprenticeships are diverse and designed to be flexible, with periods of time being spent across most company disciplines, ensuring that the individual gets a complete understanding of the company’s operation as a whole.

In the studio, where Eleanor will spend most of her time going forward, she has so far been involved in logo design, internal design projects and editing customer drawings. At Bex, we receive many technical drawings requiring a degree of editing or adjustment for products such as labels, signage and overlays. These can be quite complex but Eleanor has the key attributes for dealing with these – namely attention to detail, patience but at the same time speed and the ability to meet tight deadlines!

Away from the studio, Eleanor has also been getting some hands-on production experience. She is responsible for sorting & separating proofs as they move from design to production. Then moving on through the factory, she’s spent time in screen printing and over a week in digital printing. She’s really enjoyed this experience – seeing how colours work and interact with each other and learning which part of the artwork needs to be printed first, with which technique. She’s also observed many jobs going through the finishing and assembly departments and spent time in the packaging department.

So in the 4 months that Eleanor’s been with us, she’s managed to gain a thorough understanding of how a drawing that she works on in the studio is interpreted through the print process all the way through to the finished product en route to the client. She told us she’s enjoyed the time so far and is looking forward to getting stuck into more briefs as they come in. Nothing seems to have fazed her and she approaches every brief with great enthusiasm.

Equally, in her spare time, she approaches her hobby, the electric guitar with gusto, although at the moment the instrument is out of action whilst she redesigns and paints it (a true designer at heart!). We look forward to seeing the finished result Eleanor and hope you have a long and happy future here at Bex.