Seriously, we print onto anything flat!

Provided it has a flat surface, and even sometimes when it doesn’t, we can print onto it! Using either screen or digital printing we can create graphic overlays, membrane switches, stickers, panels, labels, signage, boarding, branding … whatever your requirement, we have the technology to produce it, all under one roof. We can also create almost any shape with our electronic, computer controlled cutting, routing and engraving technologies.

Graphic Overlays

We offer an extensive range of materials and adhesives which enable us to manufacture high quality graphic overlays suitable for all applications and environments. Utilising either screen or digital print processes we are able to provide the perfect printed overlay for any market sector or application, giving you total confidence in the finished product.

We offer screen & digital printing onto a large range of materials in the production of our graphic overlays. The more common graphic overlay materials include polyester, polycarbonate, PVC, vinyl and other hybrid materials designed for specific applications and environments.

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RGB Overlay
Grey Overlay
Kono Overlay


We can print our labels onto a wide variety of materials including self-adhesive vinyl, paper, polycarbonate, polyester or PVC utilising either screen or high definition digital printing. Whether your requirement is for self adhesive labels on rolls, flat sheets or individually cut, we can help. And with our state-of-the-art computer controlled Zund cutting technology, the accuracy of the finished product is guaranteed time after time. 

Whether you need a few labels or millions we can help. Our experienced team will ensure that your labels are custom made to your requirements and are also cost effective. In creating your label solution we take into account all important variables including surface adhesion, temperatures and chemical factors to ensure your labels perform effectively.

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Belshaw Labels

Membrane Switches

Our membrane switches (or membrane keypads, membrane keyboards, membrane circuits) are designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements and can include domed tactile and non tactile switches, integral LED’s for light indication and RF Shields. In house pick and place technology provides unsurpassed accuracy of manufacture and all electronic components that we produce are 100% tested prior to shipping ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We use only the highest quality materials and latest production techniques at our manufacturing facility in Wiltshire. As a result our membrane switches provide absolute reliability even in the most hostile of operating environments. We can supply anything from low cost prototypes to full production volumes at competitive prices, with excellent customer service.

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Membrane Group
Park Weigh Assembly


With the ability to print onto a wide range of substrates in long lasting, four-colour process Bex Design can produce almost any type of signage. We can handle virtually any sized job and produce printed signage that is vibrant, colourful and accurate. We also offer a computerised colour match system and speciality inks.

Whether you are looking for large corporate signage, wayfinding signage or any other form of signage or panel printing, we can help. Our team have years of experience and are able to advise you on the best materials and processes to ensure your signage is perfect for purpose.

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Oranges Poster
Estate Agent Boards
Correx Boards

Product Branding

Because we can print onto almost anything, we can brand whatever you need, large or small, from pens to banners. Essentially if you want your branding on it we can help and we can brand almost anything with a flat surface; credit card holder, case, box, pencil, computer, you name it.

So if you’re looking to brand anything, even something very unusual, we love a challenge and our team have extensive experience with all forms of product branding, so will be able to find the perfect solution for you.

Land Rover Badge

Promotional Stickers

We can produce almost any type of promotional sticker, whether a simple peel out label or high class polyurethane domed badge. From design to production we can advise you on the best approach and use a large range of high quality materials to suit almost any application. We also have the capability to produce short runs in as little as 24-hours if required. 

Promotional stickers are a powerful marketing tool. Cheap, light, simple and easy to place in key areas; you can get your products, services and offers in front of thousands of people with the right use. Our team will create the perfect stickers for your requirements, whether you need just a few, or millions!

Brad Smith Stickers
Beats Audio
Ecotricity Domed Badge

Panel Printing

With our many years of experience in panel printing, we can screen and digital print onto a variety of metals including aluminium, steel and brass as well as glass, acrylic and polycarbonate panels in all shapes and sizes. We also offer a large variety of finishes to ensure your panels match your exact requirements.


All our screen printed metal panels are stoved in our state-of-the-art oven to ensure a long lasting and hard-wearing finish. Our plates & panels are used in many industry sectors including armed forces, other uniformed services, medical and transport. Whatever your panel printing requirements we can create solutions to your exact requirements very cost effectively.

Solic 200 Panel
FEC Heliports Case2
SLD4 Panel
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