Membrane Switch & Keypad Manufacturers

Bex Design are one of the leading membrane switch and membrane keypad manufacturers in the UK, with extensive experience and skill in producing a large variety of membrane switches for many different companies around the World.

What are membrane switches?

Membrane switches, also referred to as membrane circuits, membrane keyboards or membrane keypads, are electronic keypads covered with graphical overlays. They have a variety of uses and can be designed to resist moisture (ingress protections to different environments Ip Rated) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) can be included in the membrane switch to provide an indicator light function.

At Bex Design we have been at the forefront of membrane switch manufacture for many years. Our membrane switches are produced to the client’s own specific design requirements and tailored to the environment in which they will be operated.

Membrane switches can be integrated with other hardware components. For example, the membrane can be laminated to sheet metal with associated mounting studs. Other design criteria that can be incorporated can include hidden-till-lit windows, coloured filter windows, RF shielding etc. Different styles of tactile response, non and tactile, plus braille are examples of other design options.

What types of materials do you use to manufacture membrane switches?

Polycarbonate | Polyester | Flame retardant rated materials
Anti-glare finishes | Anti-bacterial

What is involved in the production?

  • Simple circuit design or multi-layered matrix design
  • A range of industry-standard adhesives, including those approved to Ul specifications
  • Automated placement of switching and LED’s onto the circuits prior to the application of the printed graphic overlay
  • Top graphic overlay buttons guaranteed for a minimum of 250K impressions
  • Tail connectors can be male or female and have limitless permutations

Design Options and Features

  • Tactile & Non-Tactile
  • Embossing
  • Circuit Design
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Embedded LED’s
  • Selective Surface Textures
  • Filters
  • Precision Engineered Panels (metal, acrylic & polycarbonate)
  • Backlighting
  • Male / Female Connectors
  • Support Panels
  • Locator Panel
  • Solid, Chrome, Pearlescent
  • Satin & Matt Metallic
  • Hidden-Till-Lit Images
  • Polyester (normal & UV resistant)
  • Filter Window Colour
  • Customised Printed Patterns
  • Hard Coat Surface Finishes
  • Embossed Areas
  • Transparent Windows
  • Custom Matched Colours
  • Full Colour Background CMYK (1220dpi photo quality)

 What are the benefits of using membrane switches?

  • Low cost alternatives to PCB manufacture
  • Limitless sizes and shapes
  • Multi-colour designs
  • Different thicknesses for recesses
  • We can supply the complete assembly fitted to a metal chassis or back plate
  • A laser is used for cutting the printed circuits
  • As a non-friction tool the laser achieves very fine tolerances and can produce exceptionally accurate tail widths and lengths
  • The laser can produce a high quality polished edge on acrylics and some other plastics

What products do we most commonly produce membrane switches for?

Medical devices

Monitoring equipment


Machine interfaces

Door Entry systems

Detection devices

Military systems


Leisure & fitness equipment



Domestic appliances



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